SIPMS addresses tough issues such as:
  • Medicare Reductions
    Medicare reduces payments for interventional procedures in single- and multi-specialty surgery centers each year, and Medicare has been trying to eliminate interventional procedures from the ASC-approved list since 1998.
  • Commercial Payers
    Commercial payers follow the Medicare trend, denying payment for interventional procedures not on the Medicare ASC-approved list. Consequently, they want to pay only a percent of Medicare reimbursements which in some cases could be lower than the Medicare reimbursement.
  • Inconsistent HOPD Payment Rules
    Medicare payments now may be based on inconsistent hospital outpatient department(HOPD) payment rules and local medical review policies.
  • Disparity Between ASC And HOPD Payments
    SIPMS took this issue to Capitol Hill working to ensure continued patient access by seeking changes in the Medicare reimbursement system so that payment accurately reflects the costs of delivering services.